Credit points system

Stationery Heaven is delighted when you place an order with us.  We reward our customers by giving credit points on every purchase, which enables discounts on future orders!  All you need to do to qualify is to create an account.  When you do that, you register as a customer, and our system will store your shipping and order information. You can always log into your account to see the updated number of credit points accumulated.
When do I get credit points?
With each purchase of a minimum order value of 15 euros, you receive credit points.  You will receive 1 credit point for every 15 euros.
How much are my credit points worth?
Every credit point is worth € 0,50.  The credit points will be displayed during the ordering process in the "shopping cart".  If your order is shipped by us, the credit points are credited to your account.  On your next order, you can redeem your collected credit points for a discount on the shopping cart page.  However, you can also choose to save for a higher discount on your next order.
Can I give my credit points and redeem for money?
No, it is not possible to redeem your credit points for cash.  You can only redeem your collected credit points by placing an order with Stationery Heaven.  The credit points are linked to your personal account, and non-transferrable.  
The collected credit points are valid indefinitely.  Credit points for products that you have returned to us are deducted against your account.

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