This block can accommodate nice words.
In the past, when there was a landline connection in every household, there was always a notepad and pen beside the phone.
At least that was the case with us. There was even a separate art form for telephone doodles.
This has unfortunately been lost a bit in the course of mobile telephony.
But it is still written. And a nice letter is worth so much more than a text message!
And a nice letter on nice paper ....... I get into raptures.

The writing pad has a handy A5 size.
It is designed as a tear-off block with 50 pages. Each page is printed with the same motif.
Matching the block, there are also envelopes available.

Size: A5, 50 pages
printed on 80g paper
Nice, a bit retro, a little bit the look of old paper.
Price details:
Price per piece:
€ 5,50
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